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rosebud Introducing my son Robert


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♥ When my son Robert was a little boy, he loved to read book "Where the Wild Things Are". He used his imagination to write poem below. He received "Notable" mention at Contra Costa county Library. ♥


Maxwell had a monster

He was fat and small.

He was not too scary,

Because he was 2 feet tall.

He was cute and cuddly,

And he loved to eat,

A hug and a bowl of fruit

made his life complete.

One day our friend Maxwell

fed the monster meat.

He then went in a frenzy,

And started to stamp his feet.

He then destoroyed the village,

And went to other lands.

Killing anyone in his way,

And bitting off their hands.

So if you have a monster,

That's fat and loves to eat.

Only feed it vegetables,

And never feed it meat.


♥ Cute Story about my son ♥

He was 6 years old (year 1977), wanted to buy "$9.99 Special" pearl bracelet from Macy's for Mother's day present. I took him and his neighborhood best friend Jimmy to the Macy’s. My son proudly dumped all his nickels and dimes on top of the counter and counted the money. It took a while to gather total sale amount. The casher was smiling, giggling and gave me a wink.
Next was Jimmy’s turn. He gave casher a crispy $20 bill. My son shouted at casher "He didn’t earn that money. His mom gave to him. I saw it".


rosebud You may click here to see Robert and his wife Tina rosebud

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