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hisako This is one of Robert's High School Graduation picture.

He joined the US Navy. I thought I never know if I will see him again or not. So I wanted to have a picture taken with him.

hisako He didn't want take a picture with me. I forced him. This picture was taken just a few months after the graduation. He looks much slender.

hisako As you know most boy's (after 7 years old) don't want his classmate to see he is with mother in public. (They think that being with mother is a baby)

He was 6 years old, wanted buy “$9.99 Special” pearl bracelet from Macy's for Mother's day present. I took him and his neighborhood best friend Jimmy to the Macy’s. My son proudly dumped all his nickels and dimes on top of the counter and counted the money. It took a while to gather total sale amount. The casher was smiling, giggling and gave me a wink.
Next was Jimmy’s turn. He gave casher a crispy $20 bill. My son shouted at casher “He didn’t earn that money. His mom gave to him. I saw it”.   

hisako Even though he was so little, he thought he has responsibility to protect me and acted like a head of household. My depression was so severe I couldn't function very well for many years.