I miss you deeply . . .

I met Poonam at ROP (Regional Occupational Program). She asked me if she could address me as Aunty. At first, I wondered, "Is it because I am old?" But I didn’t want jump to conclusions based on my assumption. I asked my friend Nirmala about it. She explained to me that, addressing me as Aunty, is a show of respect.
Poonam and her husband came to the US from India about two years ago and they were very recently transferred to Southern California.

Her short stay at ROP impacted me greatly. She is very intelligent and possesses a wonderful disposition furthermore her unpretentiousness and loving nature are something else. From the Dance Website of my friend Ruth, I learned that Hindus said to express nine emotions that everyone has. Oddly Poonam only has six emotions - love, joy, wonder, peace, courage, & sadness, missing anger, fear, and disgust. That’s why I think she is "unique".

She is going to enroll for a Master’s degree in Multimedia-Animation.

Poonam, I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors.


She sent me an email today (March 23, 2010) I was overwhelmed by poem she wrote for me. She thinks I am "brave" after perusing my personal website and reading about my life story.

poem by poonam

. . . and she wrote

ha, ha,  I am not a good poet but I have tried to write some lines for you,
Which comes out from my heart and I think they are true.
So just keep them with you and miss me some day
As one of your child, I deeply love you.

. . . . . . and she wrote

My dear aunty,
That was a letter which I wrote for you before leaving Pleasant Hill and don't know why I didn't gather the courage to send to you - how to explain how much I love you.
My dear aunty you are always with me. I respect you as my own family member and you have all the right to come to my place whenever you like and call me anytime.


Thank you for heart felt gift. Poonam, you make me cry . . .

My heart trembled with happiness when I read it. I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful person as a friend. I read an email many times today and still tears running down on my cheek. Whenever I feel lonely or missing you I will open this page to feel your warm, kind heart.

Love you,
From your aunty