In Search of Identity

After the novelty of retirement wears off, people start asking themselves, "Now what do I do?"

The first sense of emotion is loss, particularly a loss of identity. The second is a sense of fear of "how am I going to replace the kind of affirmation that I got."

With the absence of affirmation professionals get from their careers and with no boss or business demanding their expertise anymore, retirees are often left searching for self-worth.

You lose who you are. You lose the work identity and the work context.

Retirees who adjust the best don't think of the transition as retirement because the word carries a passive and negative connotation. They think about it as their next career, the next stage, the next chapter in their life.

It's important for retirees to use their newfound freedom doing things that match their interests. The problem is not necessarily finding things to do, but finding things that are satisfying.