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More About me

  • I never studied English in United States. Because of my hearing impairment, I could not catch instructor’s sentences.

  • Most time I had to learn everything very hard way.

  • For example, I learned how to write check by looking at insurance advertisement on the magazine.

  • I got driver's license by practice driving in middle of the night tying up infant baby on the car seat, because I could not afford to go to driving school (I had to ask someone "where do I insert car key?". That all I needed to know).

  • I got American citizenship by just reading thin "blue book" from library for a few days instead of going to school for many months.

  • I did not enjoy mathematics when I was in Japan - I hated applied math such as statistics. However I studied differential calculus, integral calculus (study of limits, derivatives, integrals, and infinite series) and other stuffs in here USA. I thought I don't need to know any English to study math. Many students laughed at me because of my pronunciation. Professor always repeated my question before he/she tells the answer to the class. Anyway I always got "A".college

  • When I was taking COBOL and JCL programming courses, I had to go to school in Berkeley with sleeping bag to do home work assignments after putting my son in bed. I taught him how to cook hotdog and how to use fire extinguisher.

  • Those are just a few example of my experience of overcoming difficulties. I cried many nights thinking that I wanted to go back to my comfortable childhood life. (Do you hear sound of violin?)


These are my paintings. Friend gave me a water color painting kit on my 55th birthday. Because all of my hobbies are outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, landscaping (I prefer hard-scaping more than soft-scaping because I enjoy architectural creativity). Friend told me that I need to have indoor hobbies because I'm no longer young!

Thanks for consideration ("#*&@?")


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Neon Night Quadrant Lizard Skin



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