Lovely Little Dog

His name is "Kinta" (means "Golden boy" in Japanese). He came into my life on Oct. 2006 from Smiley Dog Rescure -Open Your Heart to an Animal in Need-.

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Here is his bio which appeared on the website:

Pluto (his former name) is a very sweet 1-2 year old Poodle mix. His foster mom can’t imagine why anyone would abandon this little sweetheart. Pluto will rise up on his hind feet and do a little dance when he is happy to see you. This little guy will follow you to the ends of the earth. Because he always likes to know where you are, he will follow you around the house – often walking behind you in zig zags or circles. Within days of arriving at his foster home he had managed to find and try every dog bed in every room in the house. Pluto hardly ever barks, except when there is a stranger at the door, so he is a very good watch dog. Of course, once you let the stranger in he may be a bit shy at first but soon has made a new friend!

Kinta is my joy and the most precious thing in my life. I greatly appreciate the group of volunteer dog lovers, especially Ann Henning who took him in and nurtured him.

I also would like to thank Kathy Marks, former president and founder of Smiley Dog Rescue. She tirelessly devoted and made tremendous contributions to build stable organization with high standards. Kinta and I pray for her good health.


kinta and me


I felt I am ready to have a faithful companion again, so I searched for a dog in and found Pluto. I went to see Pluto with Kathy (president of smileydogrescue at the time). He welcomed us with an uncontrollable bark then hid in the kitchen. Indeed he is very shy dog. Kathy said "Oh! Cute button nose". He has a tiny black nose and his eyes are all black. Ann fostered him for about 5-6 weeks. With her busy schedule, she took time to take care his medical needs and gave him a lot of love. 5-6 weeks wasn't enough to fully bring him back to normal health. I can feel the all of his rib bones under the long hair. One of the smileydog's volunteer came to my house to inspect environment for the dog's safety before adoption. After that, adoption was finalized. I named him Kinta.

The Animal Control Record shows that he was night deposited by police due to stray on August 29, 2006. No surprise, since the Medical Problem box had check mark in the record. Thanks to the Smiley Dog Rescuer, Patty, and his foster mom, Ann, he was able to escape euthanasia.

First three days, I took him to one spot in corner of back yard every few hours for house training. He learned it quickly. He has separation anxiety, he gets so excited to see me and he leaks (excitement urination). To correct this behavior, first I leave home for 20 minutes. Then I come home, ignore him or just keep my greeting low key and walk straight to the back yard. This technique had positive results immediately and assured him that he will not be left alone forever.

A month later I start going to school for half day. He chewed up every thing including my hearing aids. He made several thousand dollars of damage. It is not his fault. I should put important stuffs away from his reach. I don't know but at that time I thought "may be this is reason he was discarded?". He chews rawhide and pig's ears a lot, even though he nips when I am holding him. It is very gentle nip that tickles.

He is a little fearful dog, so I take him to shopping centers to get him used to noise and people. One time, I left Kinta at the entrance of Nordstrom of the Broadway Shopping Center in Walnut Creek. I needed to just show my visiting Japanese relatives where the Men's Accessories section was located. Kinta was gone when I returned. I was so scared thinking of the "Dog-nap". I rushed to concierge office located the other end of shopping center. The concierge told me that they just received call and Kinta is fine and doing shopping in Men's section of Nordstrom. He must have followed my scent.

For the first two months, Kinta's foster mom, Ann, helped me by exchanging her notes about Kinta. Ann thanks.

He improved a lot, however he is shy and timid a little bit. He wants me to pick him up every time kids run up to him and try to touch him. He still has that territorial bark. He has gained weight and his furs have thickened. We go to the park behind the backyard 2-3 times a day and venture out to other parks and places.

I am very proud of him because he is well behaved now (except for his finicky eating habit). He loves to play with balls and dog toys, both indoors and outdoors. When he walks or run, he hold his left hind leg up while his right hind leg makes 2 steps forwards. He still spin/circle around when he senses something good will happen to him (such as we are going for a walk, or when he gets to eat steak).

He is definitely one-person-dog. He follows my every move. How can I give him more confidence and independence? Any idea?


Sachi (means Happiness) passed away in the summer of 2004. With his puppy-cut hair style everyone thought he was a stuffed animal. He was a character, made various facial expressions that were almost cartoon-like, and at the same time, he gave me tons of headaches because of his stubbornness, self-centered attitude and chasing every a moving object. He had 15 years of wonderful life on the earth. God bless him! (I recommend Dr. Yohler (Sun Valley Animal Hospital 1130 Contra Costa Blvd. Concord, CA), he is no-nonsense wonderful doctor.)

sachi get snack
sachi with me
sachi with my son
sachi get snack

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