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I don't want get philosophical about why I created my web site. Let's say simply I had time on my hand.

Born Hisako Shimizu in Gunma prefecture, raised, and educated in Japan. I have been living in USA nearly 40 years. Please enjoy

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January 2010:
My recent Web Developments are in Portfolio. My biggest project was creating Web Design Tutorial. I done extensive research and testing. Check it out.

flower lotusThere were many memorable moments in my life both good and bad. I had a normal childhood life, although I was some what spoiled. My adult life in the United States was miserable for many years. The world wasn’t kind to me. Partially it was my fault. Because of my pride and ego, I couldn’t accept other people’s help.

Why did I stay here? The number one reason is my son. The second reason is that I am no longer suited for life in Japanese society. I can sum up in three Japanese words: giri, ninjo, and sekentei.

A Japanese value roughly corresponding to "duty", "burden of obligation" or “debt of gratitude and a self-sacrificing pursuit of their happiness”.
Relates to the range of human emotions such as sympathy, compassion, love, friendships, etc. Like many things in Japan, ninjo has a much deeper meaning. Ninjo is often compared to giri (debt of gratitude), which is a reciprocation of gratitude given by others. Ninjo is a spontaneous expression of emotions towards another. There is a phrase in Japanese: "being warm in ninjo," which relates to a person that is thoughtful and kind. Being just thoughtful and kind is not enough; one must also keep up with one's sense of moral obligation to be truly accepted in society. Both ninjo and giri are of the utmost importance in Japanese society, and have maintained a sense of harmony in Japan for decades.
A social-psychological process that restricts behaviors that do not conform to social norms.

The Giri and Ninjo sound good, don't they? However those things creep into every day life. It is tremendous headache for me.

In my "Picture Story" I mentioned that we are supposed to live in Tokyo for good, however we returned to US because I don't want my son to go through "Examination Hell" in Japanese school. That is one reason. Another reason was sekentei. My parents felt my having a mixed-blood (Japanese and American) child was social shame. They wanted to conceal us by making us live in crowded city of Tokyo. They were willing to support all financial expenses for our living. Well that's was long time ago.

My niece called me three year ago to tell me that she got engaged. I was a little surprised, because first thing she said was "His family background is equally good as ours". I was thinking "How about Love, character, and personality". The sekentei is alive and well! (Note: My family back in Japan is typical middle class now. However they still put great weight on long ancestral background)    

flower lotus Each one of us has quite unique life no matter what our social/economic background is. This is the first Web site that I created. Without any formal training I learned Dreamweaver and published this site within six weeks. Someday I hope to create web sites for forgotten elderly people so that they can cerebrate and embrace their lives.

  • Many of us at one time or another has wondered what we are doing here. (I'm wondering that everyday)

  • One of best ways to recover from despair is to keep busy. (Yes. That's true for me. It's better than Prozac)

  • Cheerfulness is a state of mind in which we feel content and confident and are free of stress, anxieties and fear. A prolonged state of being cheerful is happiness. (It sounds easy to get. However, this was the most difficult thing for me. Like everyone, I have many problems; some big some small. What is different is that I focus on one big problem and then worry to death about it. I worry even after all my big problems are gone. I then will magnify one tiny problem with the same intensity as the big ones.)

  • So Don't just sit around watching TV. Get up and about, but relax and don't rush. Be positive and friendly. Read and learn to improve your well being. Develop and follow healthy eating habits. Sleep well! (OK, there is nothing wrong with watching some TV. I must admit that I am guilty of watching too much TV at times. I enjoy documentaries about nature, people, cultures, infrastructure of societies etc. from around the world. The public television channel brings the world into my living room, and it's an eye opening experience for me. I also enjoy HGTV, Court TV, CNN, and CNBC. The Animal Planet channel has many heart warming episodes which give me warm, positive feelings where as the big budget network TV reports are full of crime, injustice, and corruption.)


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